Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Drunk Texting

I would like use that as an excuse for last night but I only had one glass of wine. All I can say is '85 Médoc kicks ass. I was all over the place! Or maybe it was the acme of a mood swing. Also, I was excited as a puppy (minus the piddling) to see people other than my close friends, reading my blog. Tonight is different. I spent a quiet evening painting with my neighbor and partner-in-crime. Right now I'm working on Don Diego de la Vega and the others are almost finished. I paint by the glaze method so most paintings take a few months



  1. Minus the piddling?:)hehehe LUV Don Diego -- red, black and white -- my favorite color combo. I've only been reading your blog for...what, 3 days? And I can already tell you are way TOO talented:)

  2. Hey, Island hopper, I sent you an email. Did you get it?:) It may have went in your spam folder....Thanks for the wine advice:)!!