Sunday, April 15, 2012

French Kissing

I overheard this snippet of conversation from my daughter. "……so Hugo said he's going to kiss Marie with his tongue but not his mouth". WTF! She's only 9! All kinds of alarms are going off in my head, but at the same time it made me laugh my butt off.
Then I started to think about French Kissing. Apparently the term dates back as far as 1730. So here we have a woman who gets kissed by a Frenchman who slips in a little tongue action. The young lady thinks to herself "so this is how the French kiss!" She immediately tells all her friends, et voila! French Kissing is born.
I tried to imagine it with other nationalities but none convey the same excitement. Except Spain maybe. Spanish Kissing. Nope, I must be thinking of Spanish Fly. How about Swedish kissing, German kissing, Japanese kissing, Sri Lankan kissing? No, no, et non! It only works with French. But back to our demoiselle. How was she being kissed before, the poor thing? And did that kiss lead her down a path of debauchery and decadence? I hope so.
There is something that intrigues me, though. How is it that the French were nominated as masters in the art of Kama Sutra tongue manoeuvres when they can't even manage the "th" sound? "Ze cat is out of zee bag". See what I mean?
I'm married to a Frenchman. A vrai Parisien. I know the answer but I never kiss and tell.

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  1. Julia, you're not going to believe this but you popped into my head about 2 this morning somewhere in my tossing, turning and dreaming! My physical therapy for my broken arm is taking a lot out of me (I'm such a weinie:)...but anyway, I'm glad to hear you are back home and in true comic form again!hehe PS Another order from yet another Thelen. Your husband's relatives get around!ha!