Thursday, November 10, 2011

Let Them Eat Cake

I love France. I love French food. I love any kind of food. But what I really love is cake. American party cake. You know,  the kind with "so rich it almost makes you gag"  buttercream flowers. And I always want a corner piece. Well there it is. The downside of living in France. No party cake. Until now, that is. Thankfully the French are curious enough to set aside their culinary chauvinism and taste my cakes. This one was for the baptism of a friend's grand-daughter.  Vanilla filled with raspberries in whipped cream and gag-alicious buttercream icing. They ate it all up


  1. I'm impressed..the colours are very good. You should have told me about your talents in Guadeloupe....I would have begged you to help me with those pumpkin cakes on Amy's birthday...

  2. Gagalicious! I've been a corner piece girl for my entire life. You take the cake!
    Pamela Po Po