Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Stitch In Time

I lucked out on a cache of sewing and embroidery magazines at the grocery store. Let me clarify this. Every Friday a nice gentleman shows up in the parking lot and proceeds to pull out of his van one treasure after the other which he sets out on long tables. Every week it's something new. Yesterday it was boxes and boxes of paper goods. The aroma of old papers is irresistable to me. The embroidery manuals are fantastic. I imagine myself, 60 years ago, sitting in the parlour embroidering my husband's shirts and hankies while he savors a brandy and smokes a pipe. The June Cleaver wannabe looks much more liberated and probably smoked as well. The machine she's using is the second fully automatic model to come out of the French Singer factory back in 1959.
On the next post I will show you the first machine.


  1. We have a few auction houses around us. Just down the road is Corneil Auction Barn. A friend of mine owns it. Every Friday night is an auction of different estate never know what you can find. I am forever buying old life magazines, dishes, can get stuff just for a few would love it.

  2. The user manual with the lady on the front is what I got with my treadle. Yes I did get find a manual for Emma 2, albeit illustrations only. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yours is fascinating.